Nylon Maiden: Preserved in Time - album 2016

Double album with 18 Iron Maiden songs.

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The Castle Suite - EP 2015

4 original compositions.

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Divide & Unite - album 2015

Album with 11 unique compositions.

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Treasure Island - EP 2015

Speed Of Light - Iron Maiden
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Ram It Down – Judas Priest
Rock And Roll All Night - KISS

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Nylon Maiden II - album 2014

11 arrangements of Iron Maiden songs and 2 original compositions

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Nylonized - album 2014

9 rearrangements and 3 original compositions.

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Nylon Maiden - album 2013

11 unique arrangements of Iron Maiden songs

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Fear of the Opera - EP 2013

- Fear of the Dark
- Phantom of the Opera

- The Evil That Men Do
- Run To The Hills

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The Evil That Men Do - single 2012

Limited ed. 7" red vinyl.
- The Evil That Men Do
- Run To The Hills

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Nylon Maiden - Japanese ed. 2013

Including 2 bonus tracks:
- Phantom Of The Opera
- Run To The Hills

Japan, Korea and Taiwan only.


Russian Holiday - EP 2013

Acoustic EP with Blaze Bayley

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The King Of Metal - B. Bayley 2012

Zwijsen: Composer, co-producer and lead guitarist




Thomas Zwijsen is best known for his arrangements of famous metal, rock and pop songs for classical solo guitar. He has the ability to play vocal melodies, guitar licks, chords, baselines and even drums all at the same time. With these arrangements he has gained over 8 million views on YouTube.

His third Nylon Maiden album 'Preserved In Time' will be released in June 2016. Read all about it HERE.

Zwijsen studied classical guitar at the Artez conservatoire in Arnhem and Latin/jazz/
Brazilian guitar at Codarts in Rotterdam. In combination with his interest in flamenco and metal, this strongly influenced his style of guitar playing.
His first solo album Nylon Maiden contains 11 unique arrangements of Iron Maiden
songs. Former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley is featured as a special guest. The album is published worldwide by Yellowdog/Blacklake and by King Records in Asia. Thomas has worked closely with Blaze Bayley; as composer, co-producer and lead guitarist on The King Of Metal album, the Russian Holiday EP and several world tours. Thomas is also featured on Blaze’s most recent album called “Infinite Entanglement”.

By popular demand Thomas released a Nylon Maiden tab book, accompanied by 12 online instructional videos. Along with the book a video clip for Fear Of The Dark was published which gained 1,5 million views so far. Also he started an online guitar school called King Of The Strings. The complete guitar method, specially developed for those who are interested in learning Thomas’ style of guitar playing, is available at www.Kingofthestrings.com

Thomas’ second solo album Nylonized features arrangements of songs by several
established artists as well as original compositions. Among the guest musicians are Kee Marcello (Europe - guitar), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Billy Idol - piano), David Readman (Pink Cream 69 - vocals), Damian Wilson (Threshold, Ayreon – vocals) and Blaze Bayley; it was mastered by award winning master engineer Maor Applebaum.

Thomas third full length solo album, Nylon Maiden II, was released world-wide on the 7th of November. The release party took place in Dubai (UAE) and was followed by a tour of 66 shows in South America and a European Tour with Thomas’ newly formed ensemble; the Master Guitar Tour.
The Master Guitar Tour is a collaboration of Thomas Zwijsen and American flamenco (and Flametal) guitarist Ben Woods. The guitarists both play a solo set followed by a virtuoso set together, performing acoustic arrangements of songs by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, etc, as wel as original songs.
On the 3rd of October 2015 Thomas released his new full-length album Divide & Unite, containing 11 original compositions. On parts of the album Thomas is accompanied by Nathanael Taekema (UK) on drums, Rosie Taekema (UK) on cello, Ingrid Pontes (BR) on vocals and Thomas’ long time touring and recording companion Anne Bakker (NL) on violin. The final song of the album, Unite, is a 9 minute epic featuring all the musicians plus a guest solo by Ben Woods. The video clip for Unite was filmed on 5 continents!
The release of Divide & Unite was followed by a very successful edition of the Master Guitar Tour, supported by Ortega Guitars, bringing the guitarists to 20 shows across Europe. In the end of 2015 Thomas was asked by Ortega Guitars to compose songs and record videos for their new series of guitars called “the Private Room”. This resulted in an EP called The Castle Suite, released on iTunes in January 2016.

To support his releases Thomas has toured extensively in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and South America, playing over 300 concerts and guitar clinics in the past three years. In 2016 he will continue to do so. A new Nylon Maiden double album, a South American tour, an Asian tour and another Master Guitar Tour in Europe are currently in the making.

Thomas Zwijsen is officially endorsed by Ortega Guitars and Aranjuez Strings.


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